Yorkshire Wildlife Photography Course

Photograph wild Peregrines at Malham Cove with Wildlife Photographer Paul Miguel

Dates: Mid-June to Early July

Photographing wild birds is an exciting challenge: this Photography Workshop concentrates on wild Peregrine falcons in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. At this location we have a rare opportunity to photograph these magnificent raptors in flight. Peregrines are protected at the nest by law: here we are able to watch safely from a public footpath, without causing any disturbance.

We start early in the morning to make the most of the the light. The birds often come close in flight and we will be situated at the same level as the nest to photograph the spectacular action. Tuition will be given on flight photography and exposure settings to make the most of these fast moving subjects! Other species can often be photographed on top of the cove include Jackdaw and Wheatear.

Please note: you are asked not to approach beyond specific boundaries or within a distance that may cause disturbance.

“It’s now 5 fantastic photographic days with Paul. On each occasion he has put me in the right place at the right time, for me to capture the image…”

Scott Ward, Rotherham

This is not just a Photography Workshop but also a Full-on Wildlife Experience – making it the ideal Gift! You can purchase as a Gift Voucher from the Paypal drop-down menu below.


A deposit can be paid via paypal or cheque. You will need to complete the online Booking Form (Please also read the Terms & Conditions.)

Total Cost: 1 Client: £180; 2 Clients £270
Deposit: £50
Dates: Mid-June to early July. Contact me to arrange a date.
Time: Approx 6.00am
Length: 4 hours
What’s included: photography tuition; incredible views of wild Peregrine Falcons
Equipment: a zoom/telephoto lens of at least 500mm or greater is advised. A 300mm or 400mm can also be useful for flight shots. A tripod is useful but not essential.

Email: paul@naturephotographycourses.co.uk

Book via paypal below:

Wild Peregrines Workshop

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One thought on “Yorkshire Wildlife Photography Course

  1. We are now in the 21st year that Malham Cove has attracted nesting Peregrine Falcons. If you want to photography something really exhilarating and witness a true wildlife spectacle, this wildlife photography workshop is definitely for you!

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