Bespoke Wildlife Photography Tours

From time to time I take on specific projects abroad, often unique in nature – that few others have experienced. These subjects and locations have been thoroughly researched, sometimes over the course of a many years. If you choose to join me, everything will be arranged for you including transport whilst abroad, accommodation, food and use of hides. Flights are not included.

Your photography will be put first – before my own. I will still take pictures but you will always be priority to ensure you get the best opportunities. In fact, it is likely that I will spend extra time, before or after the tour, concentrating on my own photography.

Here are current Bespoke Tours that I can offer depending on my availability.

Serbian Owls: Late November – late January

Each year, thousands of Long eared Owls roost across the towns and villages of Northern Serbia. This gives unique opportunities for unusual and creative imagery. In Kikinda I have special access to buildings allowing eye level owl views. Please note, the number of owls is largely dependent on harshness of weather. I also have Serbian contacts that watch additional (and very rarely photographed) roosts in the region, ensuring you can captures unique scenes.

See more images of Serbia’s owls Here

Berlin’s Goshawks: Late February to Mid-March

Berlin has a huge number of breeding Goshawks which are remarkably tolerant of humans. Through my contacts in Berlin I can take you to three nest sites – all in public locations. Early spring is the best time for photography, when Goshawks are active but there is little leaf cover on the trees. In addition Berlin has one of the best locations in Europe for wild Kestrels that are even more approachable.


These tours are suitable for a maximum of three clients (as a group booking) but can even be arranged with just one client. The price is dependent on numbers, increasing with fewer clients.

For a quote and to discuss availability Contact Me:


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