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“Until this trip I’d only ever seen one Long eared Owl in my long birding/photography life. With Paul’s knowledge and using a great English speaking local wildlife specialist we were able to locate and see around 600 of these spectacular birds. His guidance on technique and in-depth photographic skills helped me get many quality shots of this gorgeous species – I’m proud of them, with wonderful photos to add to my portfolio. Thank you Paul.”

Ian Tilden, Long Eared Owl Tour 2023

“On this trip, we were fortunate to visually identify over 60 species of birds! Paul happily and readily provided instruction as necessary and tips as appropriate. I learned a lot! Furthermore, we enjoyed very good food and very nice accommodation — Paul’s experience and organization again shown through. I hope to attend this workshop again next year. I wholeheartedly recommend it to others looking for a wonderful trip with many opportunities to learn from a great wildlife photographer and to capture intimate photos of birds.”

Mike Pittman & Karen Lake, Serbian Birds Tour 2023

“Thank you for a very enjoyable and instructive day. I have learnt even more now with your words in my head and thinking what would you say of each image. I can see now how so many could be improved”

Andrew Hilton, Insect & Macro 1:1

“We all had a lovely time and Chaz learnt a lot about his camera etc. Thanks for the way you communicated with Chaz he responds much better when people don’t push him to speak.”

Faye, David, Chaz Boswell, Norfolk

“Last year during the first lock-down, I decided I wanted to improve my wildlife photography and one of the first videos I found on YouTube was Paul’s. He explained things clearly and I thought once it was possible a 1 to 1 would be worthwhile and having now had that it was. He is enthusiastic about the subject and his constructive advice encourages you to get the best out of your images.”

Ian Pawson, Autumn Birds 1:1 

“A consummate professional offering simple, effective offers of help, camera & subject guidance throughout the day’s Kingfisher photography. A most enjoyable experience, great value for money allowing me to achieve more than I ever thought possible. I will definitely be back for other courses later this year. Thank you.”

David Atkinson, Kingfisher Workshop

“I was amazed at not only the red throated divers location which can only be described as “A GEM” but the whole tour package! Great bird photography opportunities in unbelievable settings such as glaciers, waterfalls to name just a couple. Paul is very approachable, nothing is a problem for him and he goes out of his way to help in what ever way he can. Would recommend his trips to anyone.”

Nigel Miller, Iceland Tour 2018

“Really enjoyed the trip so thanks for organising it all. Next year, obviously the Kestrels should hopefully be as good as they were for us. The Goshawks are an amazing experience. I also enjoyed the fact it was in Berlin with plenty of walking around, using the local trains and seeing some interesting and famous sights.”

Ben Merryweather, Berlin Bird Tour 2018

“Our trip to Berlin was remarkable, I have never seen so many kestrels in one place before and their tolerance to people close by was unbelievable. As a result I have images of kestrels preening, eating voles and running, this is in addition to the “normal” flight shots. Before the trip I would have been very happy just to get some good flight shots.The Marsh harrier was a bonus as were the hooded crows, the woodland birds and the red squirrels.The accommodation was excellent, better than I had expected, and the transport arrangements worked well, all in all a great trip, thank you.”

Michael Windle, Berlin Bird Tour 2018

“I’ve been wanting to go to Iceland for years, and eventually arranged to do so with Paul, having known him for a few years and done a fair number of his UK workshops. It was a thoroughly enjoyable week, getting to see a variety of Icelandic birdlife, not to mention the stunning landscape, from lavafields to lupins via an ice lagoon. Without any motor drive shooting of flight shots, I came away with over 1200 images to go through.  Paul and Shelley had clearly done their research, finding some great locations, and I’m glad to say that all of our group were good company. (That said, if I had one tip to give a would-be traveller, it’s take some teabags – it turns out Iceland is as bad as America when it comes to finding a decent brew).”

Craig Lindsay, Iceland Tour 2018

“I am very pleased with my pictures – the bee-eater’s aggression, roller’s mating, penduline tits and flying hoopoes. Thanks for all your hard work organising and keeping the action moving along so well.” 
John Webster, Serbian Birds Tour 2018
Paul proved to be a knowledgeable and accomplished photographer, keen to guide and offer advice rather than instruct. I did learn a lot. The hides were extremely hot, as was the weather, but the locations and the birds were something else. From the moment we were in the first hide (quality shots of Rollers and Red-footed Falcon to the time we left the last hide at the end of the tour, beautiful birds were in abundance. I have too many keepers and need another hard drive! In conclusion, my best bird photo holiday to date – so good I’ve booked a slot on next years tour.”
Ian Tilden, Serbian Birds Tour 2018
Thank you for yesterday, I enjoyed the day and the tips you gave 
me will prove to be very useful as I continue to learn as a photographer.”
Steve Ebbrell, Birds of Prey Workshop
“After spending a couple of days at Paul’s excellent little owl hide in Yorkshire I was able to put together a great portfolio of images of the little owls displaying many forms of behaviour. I also had the added bonus of photographing the chick. I would recommend it highly to anyone wanting to photograph little owls. Paul is an all round good guy to boot.”
Kevin Morgans, Little Owl Hide
“It’s now 5 fantastic photographic days with Paul and many more days to follow. On each occasion he has put me in the right place at the right time, for me to capture the image. Easy bit right..! If you’re sat in the house watching NatGeo wild with your camera in a bag, stop, email Paul and get out.”
Scott Ward, 1:1 Workshop

“I must admit to being a bit nervous at the thought of spending the day with a professional photographer as I am a total novice, but Paul is very easy to be with. He taught me a lot and by the end of the day I had photos I am proud to display on my wall. I also understand more about my camera and the art of photography. My next course is already booked!”

Julie Butterworth, 1:1 Nature Workshop

“A big THANK YOU for the day you spent with Wayne and Kevin. They both really enjoyed the whole experience and came away feeling they had learnt a lot. Thank you for giving them a special day out with their cameras.”

Jan Shipard, 2:1 Landscape Workshop

“Paul spent the entire day with us from early morning to sunset. Paul’s enthusiasm really shines through..”

Janet Matthews Lane, 2:1 Landscape Workshop

“Thanks for a great day out in the wonderful Dales! I learnt several new techniques which I wouldn’t have come across anywhere else, so this day was such a valuable experience! It was great to visit different places to get the most out of the landscape, each time practising Paul’s top tips!

Lucy Clews, 1:1 Workshop

“I had a great day with Paul and learned a lot. Even as an experienced photographer I picked up many tips and tried some new techniques too..”

Nik Goulthorp, Bird of Prey Workshop

“I went as a complete beginner, keen to learn some basics in wildlife photography that I could take away and expand on. Paul’s teaching skills, knowledge of photography and the structure of the day were absolutely fantastic! I learnt such a lot about camera settings, light and composition. After just one day, I felt I was no longer a beginner! I thoroughly recommend doing a workshop with Paul, whatever stage you are at.”

Sam Bell, 1:1 Nature Workshop

“Paul has a professional and enthusiastic approach to his work. The many tips and techniques he showed me were invaluable; I’m already looking forward to my next photo shoot..”

Tim Percharde, Beginners Nature Workshop

I couldn’t believe the abundance of wildlife and how close we got!! Thank you for the technical bits… they have given me the confidence to try new things. Thank you once again.. oh and for lunch!!

Caroline Huber, Beginners Nature Workshop

“I would recommend Paul, to anyone interested in gaining more experience in digital photography. Paul is prepared to show you everything to do with taking good pictures, from setting the camera up, composing the shot, and telling you how your picture could have been better taken…

David Link, Landscape Workshop

“As a beginner you helped me with camera set up and composition which enable me to get superb owl pictures. I will definitely be booking another workshop!”

Steve Evans, Birds of Prey Workshop

 “I had a great day and learned so much about my camera and came away with some fantastic shots. I’ve already booked another workshop..”

Rick Forster,  Birds of Prey Workshop

“They are the best wildlife photos I have taken so far.. no exaggeration! I’m absolutely delighted. I learned so much from you and am still on a high from the day!”

Rob Dutton, Bempton Cliffs Workshop

 “Thanks for an enjoyable day. The birds were stunning. The merlin was beautiful, and your setting inspired.”

Bob McMaster, Birds of Prey Workshop

“Dawn and I want to thank you Paul for the brilliant time we had photographing birds of prey. The welcome to Ben’s place was warm, and, with their knowledge of the birds and your expertise at photography, the whole experience is to be recommended. We would love to join you again.”

Dawn & Julie Butterworth

“Paul has been scouting different areas of Yorkshire for years, and knows many great places for wildlife. The moors above Reeth proved a happy hunting ground, with plenty of grouse appearing, posing, and entertaining with their amusing calls. The day started early-ish, at 7.30, but it was worth it in order to get the morning light and a period of the day when the grouse are more active. Paul took care of all the driving, motoring up and down the moor, stopping when photographic opportunities presented themselves, and effectively using the car as a mobile hide. It’s a wonderfully lazy way to do wildlife photography, but when the birds come as close as they do to the car, why not? It also makes life easier as the grouse, while more jittery around walkers, seem relatively relaxed around the car.

There were opportunities to get the classic shots of grouse in the purple heather, strutting around or with just their heads bobbing out, as if checking for predators. Others could be found posing on the drystone walls, and as well as the individual grouse, we came across large family groups – more than half a dozen perched together on a wall on the horizon at one point, later an even larger group right by the roadside. All in all, it made for a great day’s photography..

Craig Lindsay, Red Grouse Workshop

“Hi Paul. I had a great time and learnt a lot, which was what I wanted. Really pleased with the day. I enjoyed your company just as much and have now subscribed to your blog. I will join you again in the future.”

Richard Hopkins, Bempton Cliffs Workshop

I would just like to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed my photographic day out with you, the locations and advice were spot on. I am already using some of your techniques…”

Brian Jacques, 1:1 Workshop

“Just a very quick note to day thank you for a great day,  very enjoyable, and very informative and very inspiring  –  really enjoyed it.”

Nigel Green, Landscape Workshop

“Hi Paul. I had a most enjoyable day and learnt a great deal. It was a pleasure to meet you too.”

Peter Todd , 1:1 Workshop

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  1. Paul was extremely helpful, and taught me a lot. I enjoyed my morning in Golden Acre Park with Paul and the various wildlife. A lesson with Paul is highly recommended!

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