Red Kite Photography Workshop

Photograph Red Kites in flight with Wildlife Photographer Paul Miguel.


Red Kites were released at Harewood and Bramham in Yorkshire around 15 years ago. Since then they have spread rapidly and are now regularly seen around Leeds. We will meet at a reliable feeding site where good numbers of birds congregate each day. Once food is put out it’s time to enjoy the breathtaking tumbling and diving of these magnificent raptors. The site is urban but offers very clear views against the sky and sometimes kites will perch in nearby trees.

Flight photography is difficult to master so we’ll look at different settings including exposure, auto-focus and focus points in order to achieve quality results. Your camera and lens combination needs to reasonably fast to keep up with these fast flying birds. This is a fun packed afternoon with plenty of opportunities for action shots!

These Red Kite Photography Courses in Yorkshire can also be booked on a One to One basis or purchased as a Gift Voucher.

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A deposit can be paid by paypal below or cheque. You will need to complete the online Booking Form. Please also read the Terms & Conditions.

Cost: £50 per person
Dates 2018: Friday 16th March; 1.30pm – 4.30pm (*Provisionally Fully Booked*)
                   Friday 2nd November; 1.00pm – 4.00pm (**Fully Booked**)
Maximum number: 4
What’s included: tuition; feedback on images
Deposit: £15
Equipment: SLR with lens from 200mm to 400mm; please note: your camera must be reasonably fast focusing (bridge cameras are generally not suitable; optional equipment: tripod/monopod (but hand-holding is easier)


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Red Kite Workshop 16/03/18

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