Night Photography Workshop Yorkshire

Join Professional Photographer Paul Miguel for a Creative Night Photography Workshop in Castleford. 27th March 2018

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Join me on this small group workshop as we photograph the magnificent Millenium Bridge in Castleford. This location lends itself to some fabulous compositions, particularly when lit up at night. We’ll photograph the modern bridge and historic mill, surrounded by flowing water catching colourful reflections.

With a maximum of 4 clients you’ll receive plenty of personal attention.

We’ll be joined by Nik Goulthorp, an experienced photographer with a particular passion for night photography. As well as myself, Nik will be on hand to answer any queries you might have.

On this workshop you’ll learn all the techniques of successful night photography, including focusing techniques, composition and accurate exposures. Night photography is all about long shutter speeds so your camera needs to be capable of a ‘bulb’ exposure or at the least a 30 second exposure; you’ll also need a way of firing the shutter such as remote release, or timer. A sturdy tripod is essential.

These Night Photography Courses can also be booked on a One to One basis.


A deposit can be paid via paypal (below) or cheque. You will need to complete the online Booking Form Please also read the Terms & Conditions.

Cost: £50 per person
Dates 2018:  Tuesday 27th March; 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Maximum number: 4 (3 Places Available)
What’s included: tuition; feedback on images
Deposit: £15
Equipment: A range of lenses can be used from wide-angle to short telephoto. Essential equipment includes a tripod and remote release/trigger. Your camera must have the ability to hold the shutter open for over 30 seconds.
Useful gear: please bring some form of light such as head-torch. It will also help to have something to time exposures such as a mobile phone.



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Night Photography Workshop 27th March 2018

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