Flowers & Macro Photography Workshop

New to Flower and Macro Photography? Learn how to create successful images out in the field with Nature Photographer Paul Miguel.


This Photography Workshop gives you the opportunity to concentrate on colourful spring flowers under expert guidance. The group is kept to no more than 3 clients to give you plenty of specific tuition.

We’ll work with a range of techniques including shutter speed/aperture combinations and use of light and choose our viewpoints carefully to create images with impact and aesthetic appeal. A range of lenses is ideal: wide angles capture large blooms in all their glory whilst short telephotos and macro lenses create isolated close ups. We don’t aim to shoot a memory card full of photos; this flower workshop is about taking the time to get in tune with the subject, visualising our images and taking a careful approach. The workshop will take place at one of 3 sites in Yorkshire, depending on the best opportunities. Flowers can include bluebells, orchids, cowslips, wood anenomes. You will be advised nearer the time of the start time and venue. An early start is likely, to maximise the best of the light and stiller conditions.


These Flower & Macro Photography Courses in Yorkshire can also be booked on a One to One basis or purchased as a Gift Voucher.

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A deposit can be made via paypal below or cheque. You will need to complete the online Booking Form (Please also read the Terms & Conditions)

Cost: £100 per person
Dates 2017: Sunday 23rd April
Times: TBC
Maximum number: *(1 Place Available)*
What’s included: tuition; feedback on images
Deposit: £30
Equipment: A macro lens or short telephoto with extension tubes, wide angle and longer lenses are also useful, tripod/monopod; optional equipment includes: reflector, flashgun, anglefinder, polarising and graduated filters


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Flowers Workshop 23rd April 2017

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