Bird Flocks & Sunset Photo Workshop

Join me photographing wild birds on this Autumnal Bird Photography Workshop in Yorkshire.

Paul was patient and approachable, answering our many, many questions without batting an eyelid. My photography has improved tenfold!

Charlotte Varela, Bird Flocks Workshop

On this bird photography workshop we concentrate on the abundance of ducks and geese during Autumn. This transitional time sees large flocks of birds moving between feeding grounds providing excellent opportunities for large flocks and birds in flight. Greylag and Canada Geese are main subjects, along with groups of Gadwall and Lapwing. This workshop starts in late afternoon and is timed to finished at sunset. The British weather is unpredictable but with a bit of luck we’ll be treated to some colourful skies, creating atmospheric images.

We’ll work with a range of techniques including selecting our exposure modes to give the best settings for bird photography. We’ll pay specific attention to auto-focus settings which are particularly important in flight photography. Hand-holding is advised for lighter lenses; for heavier lenses a tripod with gimbal head is more suitable.

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Dates & Booking

A deposit can be paid via Paypal below or cheque. You will need to complete the online Booking Form (Please also read the Terms & Conditions.)

Cost:  £70 per person
Dates 2019: Sunday 15th September; 4.00pm – 7.30pm (3 Places Available)
Maximum number: 3
What’s included: professional tuition
Deposit: £30
Equipment: Cameras with zoom lenses or exchangeable lenses (ideally 300mm minimum); shorter lenses can also be useful for wider images; optional equipment includes tripod/monopod; filters


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Bird Flocks & Sunset 15th September 2019

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