Birds of Prey Photography Workshop

It was the hottest day of the year for my most recent Birds of Prey Photography Workshop Falconer Ben Potter kindly flew all his birds, allowing us the opportunity to really concentrate on flight photography. After flying eagles first we moved on to owls and captured some stunning images of both tawny and barn owl. With both birds we were able to do straight-line flights towards the camera – the barn owl also providing some dramatic images with his hovering antics above Ben’s outstretched hand.!

eagle photographic course

sea eagle workshop course




For our portraits we used a range of perches and also made the most of Ben’s stream. The tawny owl seemed relatively happy, but never did wade in properly.! We did the same with our hybrid peregrine and also used the wonderful out of focus forget-me-nots as complimentary colour.

tawny owl workshop

tawny owl course



All in all, it was a great day… despite the heat! Working with captive raptors, these photographic days are a great experience, both for beginners and serious professionals. Take a look at the Bird of Prey Photography Course page at Nature Photography Courses Next Workshop is Saturday 4th October 2014 Contact:

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